There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. — Ernest Hemingway
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Learner Archetypes: Athlete, Actor, Child & Networker
Language Learning Toolkit: How to Learn any Language Faster

The Psychology of Language Learning: Develop your Inner Game
The Great Teacher in His/Her Manifold Relations with Life
Motivation in Language Learning: A Predictor of Success
Weekly Progress Journal: What Gets Measured, Gets Done

Language Learning

Language Recipe: 10 Steps to Learn any Language
Language Economics: Maximization, Minimization & Satisficing
The 80/20 Principle in Learning Vocabulary
Language Learning in a Single Tweet
The Impact of Geography on Language Learning
Assessing your Language Level: Challenges of Assessment
Use it or Lose it: Read before Moving Abroad
The Number One Habit of Successful Learners
7 Habits of Highly Successful Language Learners
Two sides of a Coin: Negatives of Learning a Language
Scaffolding & The Progress Principle
The Importance of Community
Traditional Language Classes: A Critique
Just in Case or Just in Time: Grammary & Vocabulary

Writing & Essays

On Writing: What Writing Means to Me
Writing Advice Compilation: from Strunk & White to Spunk & Bite

A Fascination with Time
Novelty: To Seek or Not to Seek?

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Modus Operandi: This is Me

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How many languages do you speak?
How can I improve my language skills quickly?
Can I really be fluent in 3 months?
Which one should I focus on first: input or ouput?
What’s the difference between a multilingual and a polyglot?
How can I be a better teacher?
How should I express language level on my resume/CV?


The Keys to Motivation: Increase, Maintain, and Recover

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Circle of Competence: Unsolicited Opinions and Advice